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7 Reasons WHY You Should Create a Blog

7 reasons create blog

There are countless reasons for starting a blog, depending on who you ask.

Whether you create a blog for yourself, for your business, or for the purpose of creating an online business – the reasons will vary, but often overlap.

I’m going to focus on the reasons that matter for most people, most of the time. And I’ll break down the short-term and long-term benefits of each.

1. Establish Yourself as an Authority

Are you an expert on a particular subject? Are you great at what you do? Do you at least know more than the average person about a topic?

You should share that knowledge with the world.

In addition to helping others out, you’ll be respected as an expert.

Showcasing your knowledge, skills, experiences, or even opinions through blogging is a proven method to building authority in your field.

Even if you aren’t an expert yet, you will still gain authority over time as you document your progress towards mastery.

Short-term benefit: People immediately have a glimpse into your level of expertise.

Long-term benefit: You become the go-to source for information/help on a particular subject.

2. Brand Awareness

Every business needs a blog for this reason alone.

EVERY business.

Blogging allows your business to do two things – promote your brand and protect your reputation.

Blogging is cheaper than traditional advertising and resonates with customers more effectively than traditional advertising, because ideally you are using your blog platform to add value to their lives.

There’s no reason why every business shouldn’t be promoting their brand through blogging.

The same goes for building a personal brand as well.

Blogging also allows you to control your reputation and own your name online.

Over time, as your website grows, your ability to rank highly in search engines will improve.

That means, when people search your name (or business name) they will likely end up on YOUR website. The last thing you want is someone trying to unfairly damage your reputation or trying to profit off of your brand.

Short-term benefit: Promoting your brand, while connecting with current/potential customers.

Long-term benefit: Owning your name online and controlling the conversation being had about you.

3. Low Barrier to Entry

Blogging is very affordable.

There are plenty of ways to blog for free, which I don’t recommend, but even legitimate blogs don’t cost very much to start and maintain.

We’re talking about $5 per month or less to get started.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you come from, or how much you know about web development – anyone with internet access can start a blog.

That’s one of the best things about online business or blogging, your work is all that matters. The only prerequisite to being successful online is that you have the ability to provide value for others.

Short-term benefit: Anyone can start a blog.

Long-term benefit: Low overhead and unlimited potential.

4. Worldwide Access 24/7

Thanks to the internet, your blog can reach people anywhere in the world – 24/7.

Businesses with a physical location are limited to the city they are in and the hours they are open.

When you pay for advertising offline, you are booking specific time slots or specific ad spaces with limitations.

Online, you are only limited to the 7 billion people of the world. Or, I should say, the billions of people with internet access.

Just imagine how you could scale your business if you could have clients/customers located anywhere in the world.

Short-term benefit: You can reach more people than ever before.

Long-term benefit: Creating an international customer/client base.

5. Provide More Value

The best way to receive more in life, is to give more first.

Blogging allows you or your business to provide value for people, at no charge.

What better way to attract new customers than to help them solve a problem, at no cost to them?

Not only will you attract more customers, but you will build a relationship with your current customers.

Your blog also handles customer service for you by acting as an F.A.Q. for your business. Frequently asked questions are excellent topics for blog posts.

People connect with people. By creating content and communicating with your audience on a regular basis, you get to know each other.

People are most loyal to brands that they have a connection with.

Regular communication with your audience also helps you improve your existing product/services and gives you insight into new products that they are interested in.

Short-term benefits: Attract new customers with free content.

Long-term benefits: Gain the trust and loyalty of your audience, leading to repeat business.

6. Freedom to Create Your Dream Lifestyle

Imagine never having to answer to a boss.

Never having to fight traffic during your commute to work.

Being able to set your own hours.

Having the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

All while earning a living, doing something that you love.

That’s the lifestyle of a blogger or online business owner.

For some, being a professional athlete or Wall Street CEO are the dream, but for me and others – freedom is the dream.

And there has never been a better time to achieve that dream than now, through online business.

Short-term benefit: Saying goodbye to the monotony of a typical 9-5 office job.

Long-term benefit: Creating your ideal lifestyle that complements your work, rather than interfering with it.

7. Passive Income

Alright, let’s get down to brass tacks.

Online businesses are one of the best sources of passive income to ever exist.

There’s only so much time in the day. If you are working for an hourly rate, you are severely limited in how much money you can earn.

That’s not how you get rich. Sure, you might be able to retire as a millionaire. But why wait that long to enjoy having money? (And why retire?)

If you want to be rich sooner rather than later, you need passive income. You also need multiple income streams.

Blogging provides both.

Rich people have an advantage because they make money while they sleep. And they make money from different sources.

By no means is blogging a way to get rich quickly. Quite the opposite in fact, it will take some time. But it doesn’t take too long to start generating an income stream from blogging. And as long as you keep providing value for your audience, that income will only grow over time.

Even better, all of the hard work happens at the beginning. Once you have a loyal audience, they will promote your site for you.

Building a website and growing an audience is tough. But maintaining them is easier.

Over time, you will make more and work less. Not bad right?

But it takes a while to reach that point and by then you might decide that you don’t want to work less anyways.

It’s always nice to have that option, though.

Short-term benefit: Creating a separate income stream from your normal job.

Long-term benefit: Passive income that grows exponentially over time, with little maintenance.

Final Thoughts

Content marketing in some form has been around for decades, but blogging is relatively young.

I’ll be honest with you, blogging is much more competitive than it was even five years ago. It’s significantly more difficult to stand out and build an audience.

However, that’s actually a GOOD thing. Because that levels the playing field.

Now, you have to actually provide real value to make it in the blogging game. Which is better for everyone, especially the readers.

If this is something you’ve ever considered, start sooner than later. Don’t let another year of “someday I’ll do that…” go by.

A year from now you can look back with regret on what you haven’t done, or you can look back with pride for what you’ve built.

What’s it gonna be?

Until Next Time,