8 Design Trends That Conquered the Web in 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Trends come and go, but great design is timeless.

However, design traits that stand the test of time often started as a trend. Although I lack the technical skills to handle complicated design projects, I’ve always appreciated design and it’s one of the aspects of digital marketing that fascinates me the most.

The following infographic summarizes 8 of the biggest web design trends from 2015. Which trends will fade and which will stick? Only time will tell, but I have my predictions:

  1. Big & Beautiful Images — This is a trend that’s here to stay. Modern cell phones have the capacity to take photos that rival DSLR quality and are far better than the point-and-shoot cameras we were using just 10 years ago. Not to mention, the screens on our phones, tablets, and computers keep getting better and better. Humans have always been visual creatures, so there will always be a demand for photography in web design.
  2. Semi-flat Design — This is likely to stick around for a few years and then fade away. Simple graphics are versatile and these certainly look better than the graphics that dominated the web in the early 2000’s, but they’re still kinda cheesy. Plus, they’re becoming so common that they make your brand blend in more than stand out.
  3. Rich Content Experiences — This trend has a long way to go before reaching its peak. We’re only just beginning to “experience” the web. Now that interactive video and virtual reality are gaining traction, rich content experiences are only going to get better.
  4. Better Typography — Designers are always making subtle changes to font styles, so this is an ongoing trend. However, the trend with typography that’s going to stick around is the spacing and positioning of text in web design. One of the things I love about Thesis is their typography.
  5. Magical Realism — As technology advances, trends like this constantly come and go. Designers learn new tricks and show them off, then other designers try to copy them, and so on. Before long, you’re doing The Matrix slow-mo scene for the 1,000th time and pretending to be original.
  6. Hand-drawn Illustrations — I wouldn’t classify this as a trend, unless you count the illustration videos that a lot of brands are using these days. What really happens is an influential brand uses hand-drawn illustrations in their design and a bunch of smaller brands copy them because they think the big brand is on the pulse of what’s hot, when in reality, they just liked how it looked.
  7. Background Video — This is a trend that will be here for a while. The biggest problem with video is that it requires more resources to host and load quickly. However, this is improving rapidly  and incorporating video in web design is more practical than ever before.
  8. Cinemographs — We are going to see a lot more of this for the next several years. I say that because the new iPhone has a feature that creates cinemographs by default and Apple is a brand that controls trends.

Those are my predictions. Now take a look for yourself and let me know what you think.

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